17 Ideas for Your Wedding

We often get asked by brides about new ideas they can incorporate into their wedding. Personal touches, like vows and favors, and non-traditional music or readings can help your wedding avoid the dreaded been-there-done-that-saw-it-on-Pinterest syndrome. So what can you do to plan the wedding of your dreams that isn’t a Pinterest copy-cat?

Here are 17 ideas that are sure to keep your guests talking for years to come:

  1. Go big when you go home! Cones of flower petal confetti, balloon releases, or bell ringing are all great ways to announce the newly married couple’s exit from the ceremony or reception. Bubbles are also very popular when kids are present!
  2. Provide unique favors that guests will appreciate (and actually use). Blankets, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, or fans will make your guests more comfortable during outdoor ceremonies.
  3. Tie the knot literally! – Symbolize your commitment with the tying of two hearts by physically tying two ropes together, pouring sand into a decorative container, lighting a unity candle, or combining your favorite beers and share your first “cheers!” as a married couple.
  4. Write your own vows. What you promise to your partner is personal and as unique as you are! Memorize them or write them on ticker tape and let them unroll as you read.
  5. Phineas Swann aisle flowersRethink your readings. Choose heartwarming readings that mean something personal to you. These can be excerpts from literature, movies, or even your favorite TV show.

  6. A
    dd some aisle décor. Our brides often choose flower petals, leaves, or a personalized aisle runner under foot for their grand entrance and exit.
  7. You don’t have to have an “official” officiant. Consider having a friend or close relative act as your officiant. It adds a sweet and personal touch to your ceremony.
  8. Print programs with more than just your bridal parties Some of your more distant relatives are probably a little hazy on the details of your love story, so fill them in with a cute program.
  9. Alternative flower girls. Don’t have any little ones to be the flower girls? No problem! Just enlist your grandmothers to take on the job instead.
  10. Family tree. Display old photos of your families in vintage frames as a walk down memory lane for your friends and family to enjoy.
  11. Bring your dog. If you’ve got a furry friend at home, include him as the ring bearer or just as a distinguished guest.
  12. Create a time capsule. Ask your guests to leave a message to be opened at least a year after your marriage. These special sentiments will be extra special to read on your anniversary!
  13. Pre-dinner entertainment doesn’t have to cost much. Keep guests busy while they wait for dinner to be served with a word search or mad-lib-style printable— bonus points if it’s personalized from the bride and groom!
  14. Liven up your ceremony and reception with live music. Our brides will sometimes hire a live band or small string group to play either or both parts of their big day.
  15. Vermont wedding picture frame at Phineas SwannWrap up the evening with a snack. Offer guests an after-dinner snack of s’mores by the campfire, popcorn in custom bags or even sliders with fries. Yum!

  16. Ask guests to play the part.
    Make your guests an even greater part of your special day by asking them to dress the part. Vintage hats or color coordinating outfits will add a sense of whimsy to your reception.
  17. Game, set, (and the perfect) match! Many of our brides like to provide alternate forms of entertainment throughout the reception. Lawn games like corn hole, life-size Jenga, bocce ball and yard dice are guest favorites.

Add any of these to your event for an even more memorable day for you and your guests! We’re excited to help make your wedding day as picture-perfect as you imagined it. Call Lynne, our Wedding Coordinator, to discuss your wedding day (or weekend) plans at 802.326.4306. And happy planning!

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