5 Reasons Why March is the Best Month To Ski

It’s March, so you’re thinking about golf and gardening, right? WRONG! March is the best month to ski, and here are five reasons why:

No. 1: It’s All About That Base

Mountains like Jay Peak start snowmaking early in November to make sure they have a deep base to carry them through the spring season. This year, northern Vermont got the added boost of two feet of additional natural powder — the most snowfall the state has ever seen in November. The benefit to skiers? Deep packs. Stowe Mountain Resort had its deepest November snowpack in history. More trails open later than usual. 

No. 2: Late Lions

That’s what we call the traditional mid-March snowstorm we’ve received five of the last six years. It’s always a surprise, and it’s usually big. Two years ago Stella dropped three feet of new powder in less than 36 hours. March comes in like a Lion, but sometimes in northern Vermont it even leaves like one. 

No. 3: Sunbathing on “The Freezer”

The Flyer Quad at Jay Peak is affectionately (when you’re not on it) referred to as “The Freezer,” because of the brutal sub-zero winds that can cut through you when you’re riding the lift in January and February. Come March, you can sometimes see people in t-shirts riding their way to the top of the mountain. 

No. 4: Fewer Crowds, More Runs

Anyone who’s stood in a lift line on President’s Day Weekend has earned what’s coming to them. And in March, it’s finishing your run, shooting right up to the gate, and getting back on the lift instantly with lifties working with the speed of a NASCAR pit crew. 

No. 5: More Affordable Rooms

This is where we come in. Rates drop in March from their holiday highs, so you can afford to call in sick for a three-day weekend in March for less than what you’d spend for two days in February. So what are you waiting for

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