Another 21st Century-19th Century Mashup

EV Charger near Jay Peak VermontThis has been the month for guests to comment that “you guys are more than what you seem.”

The other more-than-meets-the-eye revelation comes from guests who think that 1880s Victorian means you have to stay at Grandma’s house, a stale-smelling old house with quilted comforters, itchy sheets, tiny rooms and no amenities.

EV Charging Station in Montgomery Jay Peak VermontWe may be 18th Century, but we’re filled with plenty of 21st Century comforts and conveniences.

A few examples:

  • Mini-split air conditioners in every room. You get to control the coolness in your own room or suite. We’re the only B&B or Inn in Montgomery that offers air conditioning in every room, and you’d be amazed how popular that was during this long, hot summer!
  • Property-wide WiFi. One login and you’re done. You can wander the property at will without losing signal once. And our pipes are pretty wide, so if you want to stream a Netflix movie in your room, knock yourself out.
  • And speaking of television, we have flat-screen HD TVs in every room. Many inns in northern Vermont don’t. We also have DVD players in each room, and a 500-movie library to choose from. So if a romantic movie night complete with popcorn sounds good to you, we’ve got you covered.
  • Keurig coffee makers. For when you can’t wait another second for that first cup of coffee!

Our good friend Tommy helped us install a new ChargePoint Level 2 EV charging station. It will allow owners of all major electric vehicles — Teslas, Leafs, Bolts, Volts, Sparks and more to plug in when they check in, and have a full battery when they leave the next morning at no charge (pun intended).

We love mixing old school and new school here, and this is our latest mix. We hope all of our guests with electric cars now feel they can come to see us and not worry about running out of juice — electric or orange!

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