Fire Safety Means a Good Night’s Sleep

State regulators help make sure the Phineas Swann Inn & Spa is safe

Forgive us if at some point this gets a little wonky.

One of the critical things you’re looking for when you pick a place to stay at the Top of Vermont near Jay Peak is where you’re going to find a good night’s sleep.

We’ve all stayed at that friend’s apartment where the mattress on the floor just doesn’t cut it.

We’ve all stayed on that folding bed where the metal bar digs into your back all night.

We’ve all stayed at that hotel where the loud music from three rooms down or the kids running up and down the hallway keeps us up all night.

You want a comfortable bed. You want to get a good night’s sleep so when your dreams of powder end and you head up to the mountain to ski or board, you’re refreshed and ready for the fun.

And you can’t have a good night’s sleep if you’re worrying. I speak from experience, because I’m the type who worries that he won’t find enough things to worry about. You just can’t.

And that’s where safety comes into play. Who’s stayed in a rental or hotel where someone starts jiggling the lock while you’re in bed trying to nod off? Who’s sat awake worrying about if they should have taken a room on the 2nd floor instead of the 25th in case of fire? Who’s tried out an AirBnB, only to get scammed or worse?

You can’t sleep if you don’t feel secure. And we get that. And that’s where we try to stand out.

As a real inn, a real bed and breakfast, we jump through hoops to make sure the only thing you have to worry about is making first chair. The Phineas Swann Inn & Spa gets inspected at least twice a year by the Vermont Department of Health. Our sprinkler system has to be certified every year. Our fire extinguishers are inspected annually. The state certifies we have Co detectors, and that every room is safe, pest-free and clean. Yesterday the state fire marshal’s office was out to check our new Day Spa out, and specifically help us in the design of our 10th suite under construction — the New Honeymoon Suite — to make sure when it comes on line in June it’s just as safe as all our other rooms.

What kind of detail do we go to? Here’s just one example: The state Fire Marshal advised us that every window in a bedroom has to open to a size of 5.7 square feet. That’s in case of a fire, you can open the window and fit out. So we made sure we ordered large windows that fit that requirement. Compare that to the tiny window in the bedroom room at a nearby rental house. It’s about 18 inches square. You’re not squeezing out of that window unless you’re Kate Moss.

Granted, it’s a little thing. But in a fire, it’s a big thing. It’s all these little things that add up to our guests not having to worry about big things. We wish everyone that hosts guests in Vermont was required to do the things we do. Until then, make sure you chose to stay someplace where you can sleep soundly.

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