Recommitment in Marriage and All Things

Phineas Swann wedding pavilion marriage recommitment Last weekend it was my joy to officiate for a Marriage Recommitment ceremony here at the Phineas Swann between two wonderful friends.

Marriage vow renewals are one of the many wonderful events we get to host here at the Phineas, and this one was wonderful because both of the couple’s children were able to make it all the way from Spain and Florida to witness it.

I thought I’d just share the opening comments I wrote. I hope it speaks to you a little bit in the same way it spoke to those present:

“Dearly beloved, we are joined here at this moment and place to celebrate the marriage of this man and woman in the bonds of matrimony, and to witness their recommitment of their vows to each other.

“We also celebrate today the love that has brought and kept these two wonderful people together for many years. There is hardly enough love today in our world, and so when it flourishes we should nurture , appreciate and celebrate it, so that it may grow and prosper.

“Marriage is an ancient and noble institution, and we are fortunate to live in an age where it has grown to become inclusive and important, something that we all can participate in and grow from. The joining of these two people in heart, body and mind is for their mutual joy, so that they may give each other help and comfort both in times of prosperity and in times of adversity.

“It is not something to be entered into lightly, but rather deliberately and carefully, but also in a spirit of celebration.

“As transitory creatures, made of starstuff, we spend our lives seeking the eternal. Aware of our finite physical existences, we look far and wide for the eternal in the universe. We look at the stars. In ancient days we sought Apollo or one of the other Greek and Roman deities for signs of immortality.

“We want to find the eternal. Ironically, we needn’t look far. For within each of us is that eternal spark, that sign of something that lives far beyond our corporeal shells.

“It is love. Love is the eternal in the universe, and the eternal in each of us.

“We hear the words “our love will never die,” and yet we rarely pause to think of how true this is. At this moment, at this time, these two people deeply love each other. Their love transcends. Their love is a force just as powerful as gravity or energy. It is part of the grand physical rules that the creator set up when he set the big bang in motion. It is eternal, and so thus are we.

“Today, we celebrate that eternal love of these two people. We cherish and celebrate it, as friends, family and fellow travelers on this celestial journey.

“And now, let us witness the vows of these two people as they recommit themselves to each other — through love.”





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