Some Like it Hot

“Do you have a hot tub at your inn?”
“No, we have TWO!”

Darren loves giving this answer to guests over the phone. It thrills us (and our guests) to have two special spots for guests to enjoy an apres ski, after-cycling, or after-a-long-drive-here hour of relaxation. (Six, if you add in our two saunas, Spa Relaxation Room, and cozy Fireplace Room.

We were down to only one in October as our original hot tub – which has entertained Phineas guests for more than 15 years – finally gave up the ghost. Needless to say, disposing of a six-person hot tub and then lifting and installing an eight-person hot tub took a good deal of effort. We managed to do it without loss of life or fingers or toes.

We owe some thanks to our friend Bill O’Brien and our team members for restoring the Phineas’ crown as the hot-tubbiest place to stay at Jay Peak. Our philosophy is the apres ski is more important than the ski.


  1. This looks great as does the whole Inn. Hope to visit this year. What is the month of July like there?

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