How do we make sure your visit is as safe as we can possibly make it? We have a 10-item bed and breakfast safety list to make sure the Phineas Swann Bed & Breakfast Inn is the safest place to stay in Vermont.

Smoke Detectors - Part of our Bed and Breakfast safety near Jay Peak Vermont1. Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. This is something you won’t find in most cheap house rentals. Every room in our houses and hallways have smoke detectors, all wired together so that if one goes off in a building, they all go off. They’re checked monthly, and backup batteries are replaced quarterly.

2. We don’t allow candles or open flames in rooms. The house was built in 1880. This kind of goes without saying.

AED - Part of our Vermont Bed and Breakfast safety near Jay Peak Vermont3. AED. We’re one of the few B&B’s with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on site. Located in our kitchen, these amazing inventions can save the life of someone having a cardiac attack and are simple to use. While we’re trained on using them, in an emergency even the untrained can use them, as it announces simple-to-understand instructions as you operate it.

4. An EMT on site. This is somewhat unique for a B&B. Lynne volunteers for the Montgomery Rescue Squad and is a certified EMT. It helps Darren sleep better at night knowing she’s on property, and it should be the same for you.

CO2 Detectors - Part of our Bed and Breakfast safety near Jay Peak Vermont5. CO2 Detectors.  We have CO2 detectors in each building for added safety.

6. Emergency Lighting –
Located in each room and hallway has a portable emergency lighting system plugged in. Should the power drop out, these tiny flashlights immediately illuminate to help you find your way to the exits. You can even pull the flashlight out of the socket and use it

Emergency Lighting - Part of our Bed and Breakfast safety near Jay Peak Vermont7. Motion-Sensor Main Stair Lights – In the Main House, the stair lighting from the second floor is motion-triggered, so it won’t keep you up at night — but it’s there instantly when you need to head up or down the main staircase.

8. Fire Extinguishers – Located throughout the property, they’re replaced when their certification expires.

9. Non-skid tape on all external stairs, gritted paint on internal ones – Winter weather can get slippery. We have non-skid tape on our front stairs to the Main House and outside stairs at our River House. Our Carriage House stairs are covered so they don’t get icy or slippery. Our first order of business each morning is salting and shoveling our decks and staircases to make sure they’re safe – even if you’re up early to make first chair.

10. Quarterly safety reviews – Once a quarter we sit down with our team and look for other potential safety hazards, be it loose cords or areas where extra lighting would help. We work and live here too, so we’re always trying to find a better and safer way to do things.