Some Breakfast Cred for the Phineas

We always love getting raves about our Vermont breakfast recipes from our guests. Whether it’s blackberry-stuffed French Toast, strawberry waffles, spinach frittata, our Dutch-baby apple pancakes, crepes or other morning delicacies, we always smile when guests return from a day of skiing and tell us “your breakfast was so wonderful and filling, we never had to stop for lunch!

Now we’re excited that our recipes are getting some recognition outside our scenic dining room. A new cookbook, Ski Town Brunch, will feature not just one, but two breakfast recipes from the Phineas Swann.

The cookbook, to be released later this month, will be available online and in our gift shop. It highlights many of the best recipes from resorts and inns located at the base of ski mountains across north America.

The thoroughness of the cookbook’s editors impressed us. Not satisfied with just taking our word that our breakfasts were amazing, they actually went to the trouble of testing them out before publishing them.

We appreciate the compliment, and admit we’ll be first in line to get a copy when the book becomes available. We’d like to see what other ski guests on other mountains across the country are enjoying, and make sure they aren’t making us look bad!

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