Turning a Greener Leaf

Those who’ve stayed with us in the past know we’ve tried keep our footprint as small as possible. We live in the most beautiful and scenic part of Vermont, so we don’t want anything to detract from that.

We recycle bottles. We try and source everything locally. When we arrived just over seven years ago, we quickly converted all our lighting to LED to conserve electricity. Guests can enjoy water bubblers instead of plastic water bottles. And we recycle where we can, including collecting all the cans and bottles we give out for free.

We are proud to be a gold-level TripAdvisor Green Leader, a certification earned by our programs to keep any environmental impact we make small.

Phineas Swann recycle bin

This month we’ve made two small improvements in our program: First, our good friend Scott Brown built us a pair of recycle bins for guests to place their recyclable bottles and cans. You’ll find them on the deck in front of the Carriage House.

Phineas Swann composter

The other change is that our operation is composting 100 percent of the food waste we generate. Anyone who’s appreciated Lynne’s Gardens and our vegetable garden will enjoy knowing that some of the fertile soil we grow in is now being manufactured right on site.

The Phineas Swann is a green inn. Vermont’s an amazing treasure, and we’re pleased we can chip in a little bit to help it remain that way.

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