20 Trivial Facts About Vermont

Coming to visit us in Vermont? Never been here before? Or think you know it all since you know about Ben & Jerry’s, Bernie Sanders, and cheese? 

Here’s 20 neat facts about Vermont you may not have known:

  • A century ago 80 percent of the state was deforested by the lumber industry. Today, more than 78% of the state is covered by trees. 
  • Although it’s the only New England state that doesn’t touch the ocean, two big fossil finds were made in Vermont, including an ancient Beluga whale.
  • Vermont was one of the few U.S. states to be a republic prior to its admission to the union.
  • In addition to “The Green Mountain State,” Vermont is also called the “14th Star State” because it was the first added after the original 13 colonies. (We also have a great local beer called 14th Star).
  • 55% of the state’s roads are still dirt roads.
  • The 45th parallel is just a few miles from the Phineas Swann. You can stand on it and be exactly halfway between the equator and the North Pole. 
  • The most northern military engagement of the Civil War occurred in St. Albans, Vermont. 
  • Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) was born and grew up in Vermont.
  • Vermont is the only state to never have produced an NBA player.
  • Vermont & New Hampshire are on separate tectonic plates, and 200 million years ago were hundreds of miles apart. Likewise, New York State is on a separate tectonic plate. 
  • The town of Elmore still has and uses a one-room schoolhouse.
  • Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery & legalize same-sex unions.
  • Retiring Vermont U.S. Senator Pat Leahy has cameos in all of the modern Batman movies.
  • Billboards are illegal in Vermont, and have been so since 1968. You will not see one on your drive to the Phineas Swann.
  • Vermont has one cow for every three people. 
  • None of the Hallmark holiday movies set in Vermont are actually filmed in Vermont.
  • Vermont looks like a tiny state, but it’s actually the second-largest New England state, behind Maine. 
  • In population, Vermont is the second-smallest state in the nation, behind only Wyoming.
  • Until 1996, Vermont was the only state without a Walmart.
  • Not surprisingly, there are no skyscrapers in Vermont. The tallest building is only 11 stories.

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