What is a “Licensed” Property?

Licensed properties are safer. Take a magnifying glass to the place your staying on your vacation

The Phineas Swann has won lots of awards, from one of Boston Magazine‘s “Most Romantic Inns” to CNN‘s “Top 12 Dog-Friendly Hotels in the World.” But we know there’s lots of choices when you’re coming to stay in the Jay Peak area.

When you do decide where to stay, we’d like to suggest you choose carefully, because not all accommodations meet the safety regulations set by the state of Vermont.

We take your safety seriously. We know it’s easier to have a good night’s sleep when you can rest assured that the room you’re staying in is a safe one.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, know that the Phineas Swann

  • Is licensed annually by the state of Vermont,
  • Has its rooms and common areas inspected annually by the Vermont Department of Health,
  • Has its kitchen and serving areas inspected each year by the Vermont Department of Health,
  • Has every fire extinguisher inspected annually, and out-of-date ones are replaced,
  • Has smoke detectors that are interconnected so every room will be alerted if any detector is triggered. All are inspected and tested annually, and batteries are replaced every six months,
  • In our Carriage House, there is a sprinkler system throughout which is inspected & tested annually,
  • Has carbon monoxide detectors throughout,
  • Each room and hallway has an emergency flashlight, that triggers when the power goes out, and can be easily grabbed so you can find your way through a darkened house,
  • The inn collects and pays the state’s Rooms & Meals tax, Alcohol Tax, and Sales Tax. It also collects and pays the town’s 1% tax on all these items,
  • Exterior lighting is tested regularly, and many are motion-triggered for safety.

We take safety seriously, but unfortunately, not everyone does. Every month we have one or two couples or families show up at our doorstep at night. They’d chosen somewhere else online to stay but came to stay with us in the middle of the night because they didn’t feel safe. Usually they’ve rented a house, room, or apartment to save a few dollars, and have found out they couldn’t feel comfortable staying there.

When you book your stay, you don’t have to stay with us, although we certainly hope you do. But wherever you stay, make sure you look to make sure all the steps have been taken to ensure your safety. Look for, or ask when you book for the following:

  • Lodging license number
  • Restaurant license if meals are served
  • State tax IDs for Rooms & Meals and Sales Taxes
  • If fire extinguishers are present, and the date of last inspection/testing
  • Ask if your room is private, and has a lock on the inside, as state law requires.

When you book your accommodation, do make sure you are going to be staying somewhere that is state licensed and inspected. Ask before you book, and when you are there you should see all the relevant certificates on display:

  • Lodging license
  • Restaurant license (if meals are served)
  • State tax IDs for Rooms & Meals and general Sales taxes
  • Liquor license (if alcohol is served)
  • Current fire extinguisher test tags on each unit

You can search for the name of a lodging establishment or restaurant in Vermont here. If it’s not on the list, it’s not licensed. And while they may say they’re “self-inspected,” it doesn’t mean it’s been certified by an authority that knows what makes a safe lodging establishment.

Here’s the list of all State licensed accommodations (and restaurants) in Vermont. If it’s not there, it’s not licensed.

Remember, it’s not a good idea to gamble with your vacation. We don’t get near enough of them, so why roll the dice on yours?

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