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There are public tennis courts in Montgomery, North Troy, Derby, Derby Line and Newport.

Vermont Swimming Holes

Conveniently located near the Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast Inn are several swimming holes for you to enjoy. Please obey Swimming Hole Etiquette and Safety Rules when enjoying these local natural treasures.

Gray Rock, Montgomery Center: This swimming hole is just a 5 minute walk from the front door of our Inn, and is named after the huge gray rock right in the middle of the river where you can dive off into a deep pool of fresh water. Since the river current is a bit slower here, the water can often look a little greenish since it can have more sediment than at Three Corners, but the water is clean. Nearby is a small rapid, plus a small sandy beach. The area is very relaxing, but do remember it is a river so, although the current is normally fairly slow, it can be swift at times, and the depth variable. This swimming spot is very popular with locals since it is easy to walk here from town. From The Phineas Swann, just walk down Rte 118 (Main Street) in the opposite direction from the Baptist church at the end of the road, and look for the small path leading to the swimming hole directly across from the town’s local recreational field.

River Walk, Montgomery Village: This is probably the most convenient swimming hole, if you want to drive, since you can drive right up to the river bank. It’s just 3 miles from the front door of our inn. It also has a wonderful rope swing that takes you right over a 7 to 8 foot deep portion of the river. The swimming area next to our town’s baseball field, so there is a “Porta Potty” there for changing clothes and, of course, using the toilet.

This place is a true Vermont swimming area, and the kids swinging from the rope are right out of a Norman Rockwell painting! The swimming hole is can be found just after you go over the bridge on 118 in Montgomery Village. You can pull over to the right hand side and park, and the swimming hole is right there!

Four Corners, North Troy: Another terrific swimming hole can be found at Four Corners, less than a mile from the Elm Street Apartments in North Troy – so far north it is almost in Canada! The swimming area is a beautiful, large oblong pool approximately 30 yards in diameter. The entire pool is surrounded by a high rock ledge providing ample places to jump into the deep pool. Once again, we don’t suggest you do any diving – the locals know exactly where to dive – but it can still be dangerous. There is rope swing on a tree perched on the top of the far ledge, so terrifying our palms get sweaty just thinking about it. The water is emerald green, the falls are nice and big and the folks mostly keep their suits on.

Gibou Road, Hectorville: The Gibou Road hole is a very private, placid swimming hole, so it’s very likely you will have the entire place to yourself. A long, shallow pool leads to an underwater cliff, a narrow channel and finally a small waterfall. The water spills into a large rock bowl that connects to the main channel via a submerged hole in the bowl – quite unique.

There are many places to explore in and around the boulders and rock formations that surround the river. Upstream, the river widens and passes under a covered bridge. There is another pool well upstream from the bridge. A great place to visit at the end of a long day hiking! Since this is one the most private spots in the area, bathing suits are more likely to sometimes be optional.

To get to the Gibou Road Swimming Hole from The Phineas Swann, follow Route 118 southward (toward Eden) for approximately 2 miles. (Although you are heading in a southerly direction, you are actually traveling on Route 118 West.) Take the first right that is not a driveway (west) onto Gibou Road. Travel approximately 1/4 mile and park near the four wheeler path heading off to the right. Follow the four wheeler path to the river and swimming hole.

SWIMMING BEACHES are also found at Lake Willoughby, a deep glacial lake. The family beach is at the north end, nude beach at the south end. Located in Westmore.

Crystal Lake in Barton has generally warmer waters than Lake Willoughby and it too has a public beach.

Waterfalls, North Troy – A spectacular waterfall at Big Falls, River Road. You shouldn’t miss a picnic or hike to this site.